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HDM | Supplier in flooring, panelling and outdoor products. 

HDM is the producer and distributor of a wide range of wall and ceiling panels, laminate flooring, Aqua-Step, wooden flooring (Character floor), Cinewall®, laminated timber panels, mouldings and skirting. Since 1959 HDM develops decorative wood products for DIY-enthusiast and professionals. HDM aims to develop high quality innovative products that are affordable and easy to install. HDM NV is located in Peer, Belgium, and is responsable for sales and logistics in the Benelux, UK, France and Spain. Our products can be found in various retail channels, from DIY multiples to independent and specialist stores.


With HDM's PVC and MDF wall and ceiling panels it is easy to install a perfectly finished wall or ceiling. The panels have a durable and washable surface and are thus easy to maintain. From a wide choice of decors you can choose the style that suits you. With matching mouldings and skirting, a perfect finish is guaranteed. Wall and ceiling panels can be applied in any room around the home including well ventilated bathrooms and kitchens. Take a look at the various wall and ceiling ranges by clicking on the 'show all' link. 


The HDM laminate flooring collection offers you a wide choice to create the most beautiful interior. And, with an abrasion and scratch resistand surface, you are also choosing a durable floor. Laminate flooring provides warmth and confort in your home. They are finished in natural woodgrain decors, giving the floor that real wooden flooring look. With a perceptible wood structure, matt surface or synchronised embossed woodgrain. Next to laminate flooring, HDM also offers wooden floors, LVT and PVC floors. All available in the best quality. 


With HDM Outdoor cladding the facade of your home or garden house will have the look you wish for. Outdoor facade cladding is a double board made of full foam PVC with a natural wood effect appliedon the top layer. Outdoor side boards are made of full foam PVC and can be used to finish a house, garage, carport, chalet or garden shed. It is a durable and eco-friendly multifunctional product, which can be used tofinish almost anything inside and outside, e.g. window jambs. HDM has developed the Carport panels for finishing walls and ceilings outdoors. Rainwater gutter and pipes are manufactured from strong and durable PVC-U. They are lightweight for ease of installation and will withstand normal ladderweight.