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Luxury Wall catalogus

Decorating in style


Luxury Wall offers a new way for decorating walls in an exclusive and tasteful way. With panels of 50 x 50cm a full wall can be coated or put together a smaller decorative element.


The panels are placed against each other if there is a space of 5 mm to 8 mm it can be left open.


Luxury Wall is available in warm wood finish and attractive uni- and natural sceneries. Several sets are equipped with the patented Elesgo® laminate surface. This top layer of high quality abrasion and scratch-resistant, anti-static, waterproof, and closed 100%. The stylish high-gloss finish and double 

* finish of these decors guarantees a natural look.

Finish of the panels 

The sides of the panels are finished in black, gray or white to match the decorations on the front and back.

* A combination of matte and glossy effects

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